An unexpected arrival…Google Cr48 Chromebook!

Well, that was unexpected!

Last week I was awarded a book for my activities on the forums over at IT Knowledge Exchange.  I had expected that I would be receiving my prize in the mail soon.  So, when I arrived home and saw a box on my porch, I figured that it was my book.  Well, that is, until I picked it up…that was one heavy book!  When I opened the rather nondescript package, I was quite pleasantly surprised by what I saw: instead of my book it was a brand-new Google CR-48 notebook computer!  I had signed up with Google last year to review one of these beauties, and I never heard anything more about it.  Suffice it to say that I had totally given up on ever getting one in the mail.

I have taken plenty of photos as I unpacked it, and now I am waiting on the battery to charge.  Expect to see the photos posted soon for your viewing pleasure!

As a developer and web designer I am quite interested to see how well the CR-48 handles my needs.  In addition to that, my son uses a home school curriculum delivered via the Internet.  With those diverse needs, I plan on giving this little Chromebook a thorough test!