Cr48: The unboxing

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I really was not expecting to receive this notebook at all.  I had imagined that I would find a book in the box when I first saw it on my doorstep.  The weight, however, told me that my intuition was wrong as soon as I picked it up.  The shipping label itself was of no use in determining what the box contained.  It was third party billed, so it was clearly not something I had purchased myself.  I was completely uncertain of what was inside.

I went inside and excitedly opened the box.  When I did, I found what you see in the photo below.  A hamster? The box seems to depict a hamster as being part of a larger assembly in some sort of hamster-powered rocket ship.  It’s creatively drawn as an exploded diagram.  (Not to be confused with an exploded hamster!)

What's in this mysterious box? A hamster??
What's in this mysterious box? A hamster??

Still, I did not know what the box contained.  I figured it out, however, when I removed this inner box and saw a ‘welcome packet’ of sorts under it.  Clearly visible was the Google Chrome logo.  Then I knew exactly what I had received!  The welcome packet includes a full-sized sticker decal that can be applied to the lid of the notebook, as well as a number of small icon-like stickers that can be applied anywhere for further personalization.

It comes with stickers!
Welcome packet
There are more stickers on the back.

Upon opening the ‘hamster box’, I reached the real loot: my new CR-48, its AC adapter, a very thin battery which is as wide as the notebook, and some further instructions for my perusal.  The Chrome notebook itself seems really, really light.  The power adapter is small, and is composed of two reasonably sized cords.  The instruction sheet is printed on recycled paper, and contains the same witty style of writing that I’ve come to expect from Google.  Intel gets some props by including a business card-sized notice that you would find their hardware inside if you chose to dissect your new CR-48.  I will take their word for it.

These were the contents of the mysterious box.
Finally, the goods!
These were the most important contents of the mysterious box!
There's some Intel in there.

I followed the instructions carefully, with the exception of the suggestion that I make a paper airplane out of them.  The first thing you are told to do is to charge the battery fully.  The power adapter plugs into the right-hand side of the notebook, and there is a small charging indicator immediately next to the port.  Incidentally, this is one of only two lights found on the device.  I left it to charge all night long, and noticed that the color of the light was different in the morning, indicating that the charge was complete.

As soon as I opened the notebook it came to life on its own, showing the familiar Google Chrome logo.  It immediately welcomed me and wanted to guide me through the process of setting my account up.

It's alive!
It's alive!

Next time we’ll take a look at the steps required to get the CR-48 up and running the first time, as well as the steps required in order to get your account set up on the device.