Fix: previously working LCD monitor won’t power on

You’ve been using your LCD monitor all day long with no hint of a problem.  You leave for two minutes to get a cup of coffee.  When you come back your LCD is off.  You didn’t turn it off.  Your cat didn’t turn it off either.  When you try to turn it back on via the power button it simply doesn’t seem to do anything.  No power light.  No picture.  Nothing.

What’s a fellow to do?

Unplug it for 20 seconds.  If it has only a standard power cord (C13) that plugs into the monitor directly, then unplug it directly from the monitor.  If it has a power brick (which is essentially a transformer) that plugs into the monitor and has a cord that runs from the brick to the power outlet, then unplug the power cord from the brick.  Count to twenty, or if there is a light on the brick, leave it unplugged until the light goes out.  Plug everything back in and try to turn the monitor on normally.

Evidently the monitor (or power brick, if applicable for yours) can become affected by electrical irregularities to the point that it will stop working entirely until whatever residual electricity in it has dissipated.  Unplugging power from the LCD itself for a short period of time allows it to use up that leftover electricity.  Unplugging the power that supplies the brick (again, some don’t have these) allows it to clear as well.  Once you’ve allowed the errant power to dissipate, plug it back in and hit the power switch.  If this was your problem, then your LCD will come up and be no worse for wear!

I’ve fixed no less than four separate LCD monitors in this exact way in the last two months.  Each had a power brick, but I’ve used this technique in the past on LCD monitors without them as well.