Review: iLuv alarm clock with bed shaker part #1 — Introduction

Our old digital alarm clock had issues.  For one, not all of the digital segments worked, so you could not really tell the difference between a 5 and a 6, or an 8 and a 9.  It had a built-in CD player, but would not play any burned CDs.  It was also about 10 years old, which seems to be quite venerable for a digital alarm clock.  In short, it was time to bring in some new blood in the form of a new and more feature-packed device.

When my wife found an iLuv (model iMM153) digital alarm clock with bed shaker at our local big box store, it was iLuv at first sight!  The iLuv alarm clock features dual alarms, has a connection for any iPod/iPhone so you can use it as a speaker and an alarm, a standard line-in connection to allow you to use this as speakers for a non-iPod/iPhone audio device, 10 adjustable brightness settings for the LCD display (including one that is not backlit!), and–as advertised–a device to shake the bed.  Quite a list of features for the price!

To start with, let’s review the basic alarm function.  The alarm is fairly simple to set, which is a treat compared to some other alarms we’ve had.  To begin with, you use the set of controls on the left to enter alarm setting mode.  You then use the controls on the right to select the various options available.  For instance, the controls on the right allow you to increment / decrement hours and minutes while you are editing the time.  When editing the type of alarm, the right-hand controls allow you to select from the standard alarm buzz, an FM station, or an attached iPod or iPhone.  The controls are also used to toggle the bed shaker feature on or off.

Stopping the alarm is also quite straightforward.  To turn it off, you can press the slightly recessed button in the center of the left-hand controls.  To try and slumber for a few more minutes (7, I believe), you can smack the wide snooze button in the front center of the device.

In the remaining parts of this review we’ll touch on the radio, alarm, and iPod-specific features in more depth.

Amazon product page: iLuv iMM153BLK Dual Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker for your iPod – Black (affiliate link)

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