Revolights — a revolutionary new idea for bicycle safety!

As a cyclist who often rides in the early morning, I am always interested in new ways of making myself more visible to traffic.  So, my interest was definitely piqued when I read about a new bicycle lighting system called Revolights over on!

Traditional bike lights mount to the handlebars and project a solid white beam forward, while a rear-mounted red light projects light backward.  With the Revolights concept, two wheel-mounted sets of lights provide the lighting.  The lights are driven by a system which is smart enough to turn on and off appropriate sections of the light bars as the wheels spin, so that it projects a strong white light forward and a strong red light behind.

This is a revolutionary design; hence, Revolights!  (They do technically revolve as well, so perhaps that also added some meaning to the name.)  Check out these pictures from their site to see what this product looks like at its current development stage:

[nggallery id=1]

Anyway, it looks like they have more than met their funding goal, so expect to see more about this product as its development continues to march on.  I’ve been in touch with their resident ‘mad scientist’, and it sounds like I’ll be selected as a reviewer for this product when they get closer to the final design.  Oh, yes…I’m excited!  😀

Be sure to follow their progress on their main site,, as it seems to be more up-to-date than the kickstarter page.  But, be sure to at least stop by the kickstarter page to check out the video and (optionally) chip in your support there financially.