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Cr48: The unboxing

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I really was not expecting to receive this notebook at all.  I had imagined that I would find a book in the box when I first saw it on my doorstep.  The weight, however, told me that my intuition was wrong as soon as I picked it up. 

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Cr48: Food, falling rain, and fun

What can you do with a Chrome notebook?  I found a few ways to test it out this afternoon without even straining!

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An unexpected arrival…Google Cr48 Chromebook!

Well, that was unexpected! Last week I was awarded a book for my activities on the forums over at IT Knowledge Exchange.  I had expected that I would be receiving my prize in the mail soon.  So, when I arrived home and saw a box on my porch, I figured that it was my book. 

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