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Intermec SF51 bluetooth barcode scanner

Review: Intermec SF51 bluetooth handheld barcode scanner

Lock your doors!  Hide the children in the basement!  I’m about to share with you my personal experiences with regard to a barcode scanner made by Intermec: the SF51.

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Fix: previously working LCD monitor won’t power on

Problem: You’ve been using your LCD monitor all day long with no hint of a problem.  You leave for two minutes to get a cup of coffee.  When you come back your LCD is off.  You didn’t turn it off.  Your cat didn’t turn it off either.  When you try to turn it back on

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Cr48: The unboxing

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I really was not expecting to receive this notebook at all.  I had imagined that I would find a book in the box when I first saw it on my doorstep.  The weight, however, told me that my intuition was wrong as soon as I picked it up. 

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Cr48: Food, falling rain, and fun

What can you do with a Chrome notebook?  I found a few ways to test it out this afternoon without even straining!

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An unexpected arrival…Google Cr48 Chromebook!

Well, that was unexpected! Last week I was awarded a book for my activities on the forums over at IT Knowledge Exchange.  I had expected that I would be receiving my prize in the mail soon.  So, when I arrived home and saw a box on my porch, I figured that it was my book. 

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