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Review: KeySmart 2.0 — Initial Impressions and Assembly

Wisdom is said to increase with age and experience.  However, the quantity of keys a person has to carry also seem to increase with the natural progression of our age and maturity.  Pocket size, however, does not increase.  Therefore it is only natural that at some point one’s collection of necessary keys will have increased beyond

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Fix: Problems with Visual Basic 6 / ADO / MDAC after installing Windows 7 Service Pack 1

Have you been successfully compiling programs using Visual Basic 6 under Windows 7 in the past, only now to find that the following events now occur: programs using Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) / MDAC now crash with an automation error when running on Windows XP? the Package and Deployment Wizard hangs after you select

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Fix: previously working LCD monitor won’t power on

Problem: You’ve been using your LCD monitor all day long with no hint of a problem.  You leave for two minutes to get a cup of coffee.  When you come back your LCD is off.  You didn’t turn it off.  Your cat didn’t turn it off either.  When you try to turn it back on

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