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Review: KeySmart 2.0 — Initial Impressions and Assembly

Wisdom is said to increase with age and experience.  However, the quantity of keys a person has to carry also seem to increase with the natural progression of our age and maturity.  Pocket size, however, does not increase.  Therefore it is only natural that at some point one’s collection of necessary keys will have increased beyond

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Re-learning Japanese With “Human Japanese”

What might a family of three choose to do for fun?  Play board games?  Travel?  No, that’s far too routine!  How about using technology to learn a foreign language which has no apparent similarity to their native language?  Now we’re talking!  🙂

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Review: iLuv alarm clock with bed shaker part #2 — Alarm features

The iLuv alarm that we purchased is a dual alarm clock.  This is important for our needs.  It also allows you to set the type of alarm independently.  For instance, alarm 1 could be set to use the buzzer, while alarm 2 uses the radio and bed shaker.  It’s a nice concept.

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Review: iLuv alarm clock with bed shaker part #1 — Introduction

Our old digital alarm clock had issues.  For one, not all of the digital segments worked, so you could not really tell the difference between a 5 and a 6, or an 8 and a 9.  It had a built-in CD player, but would not play any burned CDs.  It was also about 10 years

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Intermec SF51 bluetooth barcode scanner

Review: Intermec SF51 bluetooth handheld barcode scanner

Lock your doors!  Hide the children in the basement!  I’m about to share with you my personal experiences with regard to a barcode scanner made by Intermec: the SF51.

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